About Us

Welcome to Bonnie Xo cosmetics

We cater to your needs, we understand that you want what you want and how you want it!

So what makes Bonnie Xo Custom Cosmetics Custom?

Our raw materials are the finest ingredients available and are sourced from china, the lipsticks are then hand made by us in the UK.

Our Custom Blend Lipsticks are taking the beauty industry by storm! These sexy shades are hand crafted to your specifications by you choosing your texture, colour/shade and adding one of our lovely smelling scents. Custom Colour matching is also available.  If you have a shade of discontinued lipstick, we can duplicate it for you. Have a dress you want to match? Send us a swatch we will create it for you. Your custom Blended lip products can also be ordered without a scent.

More collections are in the works, so keep checking back for updates.

We hope you enjoy your shopping experience! Please feel free to leave us your feedback.  We always look forward to hearing from you!